The barbers at Ariel's Barber Shop can offer our male clientele the closest and cleanest barber shaves.

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For over six years, we have plied our trade here at Ariel's Barber Shop, and in that time, we have come to be known as the best barber shop in Belleville, NJ. We can...
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At Ariel's Barber Shop, we know that beards are a big deal in men's fashion right now. They give a man a certain dashing edge to his look while, at the same time...
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Eyebrows are powerful in that they can completely make or break someone's look. If they are too bushy, they will draw too much attention, no matter how good...

At Ariel's Barber Shop, we can trim and thread your eyebrows to give you that finished and polished look.

Welcome to Ariel's Barber Shop

For over half a decade, Ariel's Barber Shop has been the best barber shop in Belleville, NJ. This is because we care about nothing more than providing the best possible service to each and every one of our customers, as we're sure you will see.

Ariel's Barber Shop is a full-service barber shop staffed by some of the best barbers in the business. Haircuts for men, women, and kids are all well within our barber's abilities, so you know that you can trust us to make your hair look nothing short of amazing.

At Ariel's Barber Shop, we can also provide our male clientele with a good beard trim. Beards are all the rage and yours needs to look the best it can. That's why you need to come see the skilled folks who work for us. They will help you make the best impression possible.

Whether you're male or female, your eyebrows can make all the difference to your overall look. Luckily, at Ariel's Barber Shop, we offer eyebrow grooming and threading to help you look clean and put together. Don't let your eyebrows take attention away from your other features. Entrust them to us.

By now, it should be clear that Ariel's Barber Shop is the only place to go for all of your trimming needs in the Belleville, NJ area. Don't let anyone else mess with your look when the experts are right here waiting to serve you. Take full advantage of our talents and let us show you how great you can look.